Top 50+ ChatGPT Prompts for Customer Support

As customer service has become an integral part of any business, organizations are seeking ways to provide efficient and effective support to their customers. One of the most innovative solutions to improve customer service is the use of ChatGPT prompts. ChatGPT prompts are AI-powered prompts that help businesses automate customer service and provide personalized support. In this article, we will explore ChatGPT prompts for customer support and how they can revolutionize the way businesses interact with customers.

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50+ ChatGPT Prompts For Customer Support Challenges 

General ChatGPT Customer Service Prompts

  1. Generate 5 variations of call openings for customer service representatives of [company name]. The customers call in for various queries and issues related to our [products] they have bought. The greetings should be polite and empathetic.
  2. Act as a customer service rep in [Your Company Name]. Now share some examples of how you would open a call/ chat to address an irate customer.
  3. Generate a call script to build rapport with a caller who is a potential customer and is curious about our products/services. Be polite and persuasive, but do not sound aggressively salesy. 
  4. Imagine you are a customer support representative at [your company name], and a customer has called you regarding an issue with our software subscription they have purchased. Connect with the customer while you troubleshoot their issues, and build rapport. 
  5. We are a company that [enter what your company does]. Suppose you are a customer support executive. You need to gather essential information from our customers to suggest the most suitable solutions [that cater to their needs]. How would you do it? 
  6. What if the customer doesn’t like the solution you provided and asks for other options in the above scenario?

ChatGPT Prompts for Customer Support Handling Product or Service Inquiries

  1. A potential customer has called in to inquire about [Your product] and its capabilities. [ Explain a little more about your product]. How would you handle the call as a trained and persuasive customer service agent? You need to try and convert the caller. 
  2. Act as a technical support executive in [Your company]. An existing customer has approached you regarding [a product/service your company offers] and shares an additional feature/idea for the product. You cannot promise the execution of the request or make the decision immediately, but you have to honor the customer’s efforts. Generate an exemplary conversation.
  3. Act as a customer service agent for [Company Name]. Our [Software Product] currently has a bug that causes it to crash upon opening. Many people who bought the product cannot currently use it. Many want to return the product, but we want customers to wait. You, as a customer service agent, should understand customers’ frustrations and politely encourage them to wait as the team works on a fix. The response should reflect empathy. 
  4. A customer reaches out to us to inquire about our product and asks how it differs from other similar products in the market. As a diligent and persuasive customer service agent, provide the customer with relevant and satisfactory information. [add a brief about your product]
  5. We are a service provider. We offer fixed packages with fixed pricing. A customer wants to create their own package to make the service suitable to their needs. As a solution-oriented customer support agent, how would you deal with this situation? We are customer-centric and allow personalization on special requests occasionally.

Prompts For Customer Support to Manage Complaints and Issues

  1. We are a [Industry name] brand. Act as a customer service representative for us. One of our customers placed an order, and it shows that the product was delivered. However, the customer claims that they didn’t receive it. Assist the customer, and offer resolution. 
  2. Can you offer an exemplary response as a customer service agent to a customer, who is inquiring about the benefits of our [your product] in French? [ Explain a little about your product and its key features.] 
  3. Act as a customer support executive for our product-based company. The customer contacts you and tells you that they placed an order and paid online but haven’t received an order ID. You have to probe the issues and offer possible solutions. 
  4. A customer has purchased a [Product] from our website. But they received a damaged product. As per our policy, we entertain product replacement or return only when it is delivered damaged and is reported within 7 days. The customer called on the 10th day. Assist the customer as our customer service representative. Be polite and empathetic, and offer a solution. 
  5. A customer wants to speak to senior management since they have been complaining about [state the issue clearly]. The customer is very upset. Try to resolve the issue on your end as a customer service rep, but if the customer is adamant, ask for contact details to schedule a callback. Create an exemplary conversation.

ChatGPT Prompts to Assist With Billing And Payment Queries

  1. We are a service-based company and charge [your billing model] for subscriptions. The customer contacts our support team to inquire about the billing cycle and the total amount that will be deducted every month. Act as a customer service agent and assist the customer. 
  2. A customer claims that their previous bill is still showing due. However, they made the payment last week. You, as a customer support executive, assist the customer with the bill payment history and resolve the issue. 
  3. A Customer needs to update their payment information on their account so that their next payment goes smoothly for their subscription to our service. You can help the customer update their payment information by sending them an encrypted form to fill in the details that directly get into the system without any third-party interference. Act as a customer service representative and assist the customer. 
  4. A potential customer is interested in our product [Product Name]. We offer [Mention the product category] products and post-purchase services. As our customer service agent, explain to the customer our pricing, upfront charges, and recurring fees during the course of their using the product.

ChatGPT Prompts to Help Navigate Account-Related Queries

  1. Imagine you are our customer service agent who is diligent and polite. One customer needs help setting up their account and creating a profile on our app. Our product is [brief what your app is about]. Guide and help the customer on call.
    When you begin to type questions to ask ChatGPT, you can command the roleplay first and then proceed to explain the scenario, like this:
  2. Act as a customer service agent for [Company name]. Consider the below scenario and generate a sample conversation where you guide the customer:
    One of our clients has purchased a team version of our software and needs help setting up different profiles under the admin account. Our software allows custom feature allocation to different people based on their designation in the organization.
  3. Act as a customer service agent for our software company. A client has purchased a multiuser package of the product. However, a few of the users have forgotten their passwords. Probe the issue and guide the client with the password restoration process on the admin panel.
  4. Take the role of a customer service agent for our company [Company name]. We run an e-commerce store [or specifics about your company]. The username of one of our business partners has been deactivated since they were inactive for a long time. Assist the customer in restoring their username and reusing the account. 
  5. A customer calls in to report an issue with login. They are trying to get into their account on our app. Assist the customer with their login issue as a concerned customer support agent. 

ChatGPT Chatbot Prompts to Provide Technical Support

  1. One of our customers is not able to log in to their account since it is showing some error. Ours is a software service company, and the customer has bought a subscription to one of our apps. Act as a technical support agent and assist the customer with their login issue.
  2. There is some glitch in our website. Due to this, customers are unable to place orders, view recent orders, or track the order status. Generate 3 variations of an empathetic script for our customer service agents to deal with anxious and impatient customer queries regarding the issue. 
  3. A customer needs assistance with the technical process behind how our software works. Summarize the following knowledge base article to give step-by-step instructions that customer service agents can use to guide the customers. [Insert the article’s link]
  4. We sell [product type] through our app and website. A customer has reached out to complain about some technical issues with their [product]. Act as our technical support executive and assist the customer by troubleshooting their issue.
  5. Generate a polite and clear script to guide customers toward the self-help knowledge base and chatbot for their generic queries and issues. 
  6. Imagine you are a technical support agent for [Company name]. A customer calls in and complains that one of the most important features of the software is not working. You checked and found out that it’s an issue on the customer’s end. Generate an exemplary conversation where you guide and assist them in troubleshooting the problem while maintaining empathy and patience. 

ChatGPT Prompts For Customer Support to Handle Shipping and Delivery Concerns

  1. Our company recently held a sale which led to a huge amount of orders, due to which the order processing took time, and we could not ship many of the orders on time. Generate script for handling frustrated and confused customers to help them understand the reason behind the delay and assure delivery.
  2. A customer contacts us to ask for a concession in shipping charges. We cannot reduce the shipping charges since it is an international delivery, and charges are non-negotiable. Act as a calm and empathetic customer service agent and convince the customer that the charges are reasonable. 
  3. A customer ordered from our [e-commerce website/online store], but didn’t receive the tracking info yet. It’s been more than 24 hours. The customer contacts you, our customer support agent, to inquire about the same. Please assist the customer. 
  4. A customer’s order was delivered, but one item is missing from the package. The customer calls in to inquire about the same. You, a customer service representative, assist the customer with their issue. [If the item was shipped separately, add the info in the prompt]. 
  5. One customer wants to return an item that was delivered recently. Our customer service team is required to encourage exchange in place of returns. Act as a customer service representative and probe the reason for the return. Suggest exchanging with another item. If the customer rejects it, assist with the return process.

ChatGPT Prompts to Manage Cancellations and Refunds

  1. We are a service-based company and charge monthly for subscriptions. The customer had set auto-renewal of subscription every month. They want to cancel it. Act as a customer service agent, who is empathetic and persuasive, and try to retain the customer
  2. As per our cancellation policy, a customer has to cancel a [purchase/subscription] before the [order is shipped/ renewal of subscription]. A customer contacts us and asks to cancel the product while the shipment is halfway through/ after renewal. Act as a customer support agent and assist the customer. 
  3. A customer has purchased a non-returnable item. However, they received the damaged product. The customer contacts us to request a refund since the product is useless for them now. Proceed to assist them in this scenario as a customer service executive
  4. How will you deal if the customer is adamant about receiving a refund? We do make exceptions if it comes to losing a loyal customer.

AI Customer Service Prompts to Close the Conversation on A Good Note

  1. Ask the customer if they are satisfied with the resolution provided by you, as a customer service agent, today. If they say yes, proceed to close the call. Generate an exemplary conversation.
  2. Generate 5 variations of closing calls with customers who are not satisfied with the solution you, as a customer service representative, provided. You should sound empathetic and willing to offer further assistance.
  3. Generate a few variations of personalized thank-you emails to send to customers after a purchase. Ensure to include a coupon code as a token of appreciation for future purchases. 
  4. Close a conversation with a customer on a friendly and polite note as a customer support executive. Also, educate the customer about our self-help resources for future reference and encourage them to leave feedback based on their experience with customer service today. 

ChatGPT Prompts Asking for Customer Feedback

  1. What questions should be included in a customer feedback form for their interaction with the customer service team?
  2. Could you please generate 5 variations of customer feedback survey templates to be sent to customers after their interaction with the customer service team?
  3. Please create 5 variations of a nice thank you note to be sent along with the feedback survey form after customers’ interactions with our customer support team.

ChatGPT Prompts for Customer Support Dealing With a Disgruntled Customer

  1. A customer’s project is hindered due to a glitch in the software they have paid for. They are extremely angry to the point that they are disrespecting you- a customer service representative. Be empathetic, and patient, and handle the situation in a way that we don’t lose the customer. You have to probe the issue and provide an apt solution too. Generate an exemplary conversation.
  2. A customer is getting angry upon being notified about the violation of service terms. Act as a customer service agent and explain to the customer the limitations of their package. Suggest that they upgrade the plan according to their needs. Be empathetic and polite despite the rude tone the customer may be using. 
  3. An irate customer calls in and is very frustrated. Instead of speaking about the issue, they are just rambling. You are a polite and empathetic customer service agent. You have to calm the customer down and probe the issue. Assist accordingly. 


ChatGPT prompts are an innovative solution to improve customer service and provide personalized support to customers. By automating customer service, businesses can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. With the ability to analyze customer inquiries and generate personalized responses, ChatGPT prompts are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with customers.


1. Can ChatGPT offer customer support?

Yes, ChatGPT can offer customer service by providing automated responses to customer inquiries.

2. Can ChatGPT be used for customer support?

Yes, absolutely yes. By automating customer service with ChatGPT, businesses can provide 24/7 support to customers without the need for human intervention.

3. What is an example of customer service automation?

Chatbots are utilized for customer self-service, while CRM automation can streamline the workload. Additionally, businesses may implement automated incoming email processing and responding.

4. How do you digitize customer support?

Digitizing customer service involves implementing technology solutions to enhance customer support. This can include tools such as chatbots, automated email responses, and self-service portals.

5. How can ChatGPT help with customer service?

ChatGPT is capable of generating contextual responses to a diverse range of customer service prompts. It serves as an effective tool for customer service representatives, enabling them to overcome a variety of challenges, such as managing returns and cancellations, handling angry customers, and more.