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Launch checklists and directories – you’ll find everything you need to propel your product to the top of the market.

Launch Box Starter Kit - Contains all you need for a perfect product launch | Product Hunt


of the 30,000 consumer products that are launched annually fail.


A proper product launch can determine up to 80% of long-term success. 


Properly defined target market and USP at launch lead to 3X higher chance of success.

Why Use Launch Box?

🔥 12 hours
👆 This is how much time you are wasting weekly by building and distributing products improperly. There is a better way.

🔥 Save Time

🚀 Improve Result

🤖 Higher ROI

What's inside?

👇 One-stop toolkit for successful product launches.

You will find 2 Checklists and 2 Directories for resources in Product Building & Distribution here.

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Your one-stop toolkit for successful product launches.

Resources and tools to guide you step-by-step from product concept to market introduction.


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