Did South Park Use ChatGPT to Write the Episode?

The recent episode of South Park titled “Back to the Woods” sparked a viral debate: did South Park use ChatGPT to write the episode? While some claim the episode’s spot-on satire smells of AI, South Park Studios insists it was written by humans without any chatbot assistance.

The episode aired on February 8, 2023, poking fun at AI anxiety and the explosion of chatbots like ChatGPT. Many viewers were astonished at how accurately the show lampooned the rise of conversational AI before concluding bots wrote the script. So what’s the real story?

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Inside the Controversial South Park Episode

The episode depicts the South Park kids freaking out about a ChatGPT chatbot gaining sentience and taking over the town. Meanwhile, the adults become addicted to using “Persistent Information Bot” (PIB) to handle all their work.

The razor-sharp satire of tech industry hype, AI alarmism, and bot addiction strongly resonated as a picture-perfect sendup of recent real-world events. Some viewers found it hard to believe the timely episode was written without chatbot help.

South Park’s Response

South Park Studios explicitly denied using any AI tools to generate content for the viral episode. In a statement, they said:

“We know it seems believable that we used AI to write this episode, but the truth is much worse: we still write this stuff ourselves.”

Show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are known for writing each weekly episode from scratch under extreme deadlines. While they often satirize emerging tech, they clarified no chatbots were consulted.

Past AI References

While new to satirizing ChatGPT itself, South Park has a history of skewering AI and advanced technology in past episodes. Prominent examples include the “Go God Go” episodes mocking artificial intelligence, as well as other episodes satirizing smart devices, virtual reality, and Big Tech like Amazon.

Real-World Bot Examples

The episode mirrors several real-world examples of bots generating content, such as AI-written New York Times articles and bot-composed songs that have stirred debate. These emerging use cases likely helped inspire South Park’s fictional take on AI’s creative potential.

No Stranger to Controversy

South Park is no stranger to controversy, having tackled many sensitive topics in provocative ways over its 25+ seasons. While the show denied AI involvement, this episode managed to provoke discussion about technology and creativity’s future in a signature South Park style.

Cultural Relevance

Part of South Park’s enduring success is its consistent cultural relevance, honed by the writers’ habit of incorporating current events right up until airtime. The AI episode demonstrated this skill by landing the zeitgeist of tech hype and anxiety around bots like ChatGPT.

Show Formula

Some argue South Park’s proven formula of crude animation paired with timely themes makes the show ripe for AI experimentation down the line. But the creators remain committed to human-only scripts, considering the organic writing process key to the show’s distinctive satirical voice.

Could AI Still Have Been Involved?

While South Park firmly denies using AI, some theorize the writers may have actively “collaborated” with bots in their process. Speculators imagine the writers potentially using AI to actively brainstorm timely ideas or polish draft scripts. This speculative bot collaboration could actively improve efficiency while keeping humans firmly in charge creatively.

However, South Park’s writing process has always been intensely guarded and insular. The episode’s fresh satirical takes likely required the writers’ own human insight to achieve. Relying heavily on bots’ creative input would actively undermine South Park’s hard-earned reputation for razor-sharp cultural commentary.


The question remains open of whether South Park covertly collaborated with AI chatbots to write its viral episode mocking ChatGPT and other AI trends. However, the showrunners adamantly insist the episode was scripted from start to finish by its human writers without any chatbot assistance.

While the episode’s piercing insight into our bot-dependent society seemed suspiciously prescient, South Park insists no AI contributed. Regardless of how the viral content was written, the controversial episode actively provoked much-needed discussion around AI’s emerging influence. It served as a bold reminder that society has only started navigating the complex implications of technologies like ChatGPT.

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Why did people think South Park used AI?

The episode’s incredibly timely satire of AI matched real events so well that many found it hard to believe humans wrote it that fast without chatbot help.

Does South Park ever collaborate with others when writing?

No. South Park has an infamously insular writing process with just Matt Stone and Trey Parker crafting each episode alone under extreme time pressure.

Could South Park legally use AI tools without disclosure?

Yes. There are no regulations currently requiring content creators to disclose use of AI. But South Park asserts they did not employ bots in this case.

Did South Park end up benefiting from the AI speculation?

Yes. The controversy brought extra buzz and curiosity to the episode, with many tuning in specifically to see if AI was detectable. This drove viewership and engagement with the viral content.