How to Ask ChatGPT to Write a Cover Letter?

Crafting a compelling cover letter can be time-consuming and challenging. Thankfully, ChatGPT’s advanced AI makes it easy to automate cover letter writing. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to ask ChatGPT to generate a customized, professional cover letter that impresses hiring managers and gets you interviews.

In the first section, I’ll explain the benefits of using ChatGPT for cover letter writing and provide tips for prompting the AI. Next, I’ll outline the step-by-step process for requesting and revising a ChatGPT-written cover letter. By the end, you’ll be able to quickly produce tailored cover letters for any job application.

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The Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Cover Letters

Having ChatGPT write your cover letter provides several advantages:

  • It saves you time and effort. The AI can instantly produce well-written content customized to any job.
  • ChatGPT ensures your letter is free of errors and flows naturally. The AI has strong writing skills.
  • You can request multiple variations to compare and choose the best phrasing.
  • The AI personalizes your letter using details you provide about the role and your background.

To get the most out of ChatGPT, provide key information upfront in your request and be prepared to guide revisions. I’ll explain how to prompt the AI effectively next.

Prompting ChatGPT to Write a Cover Letter

When asking ChatGPT to generate a cover letter, provide context to ensure the content fits the job and highlights your top qualifications. Here are some tips:

  • Specify the position title, company, and key responsibilities. Give ChatGPT the job description if possible.
  • List your most relevant skills, achievements, and credentials for the role.
  • Share the types of qualifications and experience mentioned in the job posting to address.
  • Provide details like where you found the job, length of your career, and why you want the role.
  • Request a specific cover letter structure, like 3 short paragraphs.
  • Ask ChatGPT to create an enthusiastic yet professional tone with vivid language.

Giving ChatGPT this context allows it to craft a tailored, relevant cover letter that sells you as a top candidate.

Step-by-Step Guide to Requesting and Revising

Follow these steps to get a flawless cover letter from ChatGPT:

  1. Ask ChatGPT to generate a draft cover letter. Include key details about the role and your background in the prompt.
  2. Review the draft and provide feedback. Request improvements to ensure it addresses your qualifications and fits the job.
  3. Ask for 2-3 additional variations. Compare options and choose your favorite phrasing.
  4. Make final tweaks like adding the exact company name and job title.
  5. Request revisions if any section seems generic or needs polishing. Be specific.
  6. Once satisfied, copy the final version from ChatGPT into your application materials.

Following this simple process allows you to get a cover letter tailored exactly to each job application. ChatGPT will save you hours of writing and research time so you can submit applications faster.

Unlock the Power of AI for Cover Letter Writing

Asking ChatGPT to write your cover letters makes the job application process far easier. The AI handles customizing each letter to highlight your fit while you simply provide guidance to polish the content.

In just minutes, you can have ChatGPT generate multiple tailored cover letters that grab hiring managers’ attention. Follow the tips in this guide to get cover letters that help you land more interviews!


Prompt ChatGPT properly by providing context about the job and your background. Review drafts critically and guide revisions to get a flawless, customized cover letter. Using ChatGPT for cover letters saves time and allows you to apply faster with tailored content. Give your application an edge by letting ChatGPT’s AI handle crafting the perfect cover letter tailored to each job.

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How much information should I provide to ChatGPT?

Aim to give ChatGPT 2-3 paragraphs summarizing the job details, your relevant experience, and ideal cover letter tone. More context improves quality.

Can I rewrite parts I don’t like?

Absolutely. Treat ChatGPT’s draft as a starting point and feel free to revise any phrasing you dislike.

Should I mention using ChatGPT in my cover letter?

No, presenting the cover letter as fully written by you provides the strongest results. Avoid saying an AI was used.

How do I customize a letter for different jobs?

Update the key details provided to ChatGPT to match each job’s responsibilities and your applicable qualifications.