How to Cite ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm since its launch in November 2022. This AI chatbot from Anthropic creates human-like responses to natural language prompts, enabling effortless conversations. However, as ChatGPT becomes more widely used for writing assistance, questions arise on how to properly cite AI-generated content. This article will walk through recommended ways to cite ChatGPT to uphold academic integrity and attribution best practices.

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Overview of Citing ChatGPT

When leveraging ChatGPT to assist with writing projects, it’s important to provide citation and credit to avoid plagiarism. Here are some key points to know:

  • Treat ChatGPT as a co-author when it generates original content.
  • Cite it in-text and in your references/bibliography.
  • Reference Anthropic as the corporate author.
  • Include the website URL and access date.
  • Make sure to encapsulate any direct quotes with quotation marks.
  • Avoid passing off AI-written content as your own original work.

In-Text Citations for ChatGPT

Whenever you directly quote or paraphrase content created by ChatGPT in your paper, you’ll need an in-text citation.

Here are examples of in-text citations in APA format:

  • “Leveraging AI can help humans maximize productivity and innovation” (Anthropic, 2022).
  • Anthropic (2022) stated that “natural language processing has advanced rapidly in recent years.”

For MLA format:

  • Anthropic points out that “AI can be used to augment human capabilities” (2022).
  • “The risks and benefits of AI must be carefully weighed” (Anthropic 2022).

References/Bibliography Entry for ChatGPT

You’ll also need a full reference entry for ChatGPT in your bibliography or references page.

In APA format:

For MLA format:

Make sure to include the corporate author (Anthropic), year, software version, website URL, and your access date.

Direct Quotations from ChatGPT

When directly quoting a significant portion of text generated by ChatGPT, put it in quotation marks and cite it properly.

Here’s an APA example:

  • “While AI chatbots cannot reason like humans, they excel at processing natural language and generating human-like responses through statistical learning on massive datasets” (Anthropic, 2022).

And an MLA example:

  • Anthropic points out that “AI has risks and benefits that humanity must carefully weigh as these technologies progress” (2022).

Quoting without proper attribution equates to plagiarism.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Passing off AI-written content from ChatGPT entirely as your own work is academically dishonest. Make sure to:

  • Disclose when content is AI-generated.
  • Quote and cite any verbatim ChatGPT passages.
  • Paraphrase properly and don’t just swap synonyms.
  • Have a human heavily edit AI output before submitting.
  • Never copy long AI passages without attribution.
  • Discuss the use of generative AI tools with your instructor.


As AI copywriting tools become more advanced, properly citing them is crucial. Treat ChatGPT as a collaborative author, quote it for direct uses, include references, and discuss your use of generative AI with instructors to uphold academic integrity. Adhering to citation best practices ensures you give proper credit even when leveraging new technologies like ChatGPT in your work.

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How do you cite ChatGPT in APA format?

In APA format, cite ChatGPT in-text like: (Anthropic, 2022). In the references, list it as: Anthropic. (2022). ChatGPT (Version 1) [Computer software].

What if ChatGPT generates an original passage I want to directly quote?

Put the direct quotation in quotation marks and cite it properly. For example: “Generative AI can augment human creativity in unexpected ways” (Anthropic, 2022).

Do I have to cite ChatGPT if I paraphrase content it generated?

Yes, you still need to provide an in-text citation anytime you reference ideas from ChatGPT, even if paraphrasing or summarizing.

If ChatGPT helps me with a paper, how do I avoid plagiarism?

Discuss your use of ChatGPT with your instructor, quote and cite any passages directly used, paraphrase properly, have a human edit AI output significantly before submitting, and never pass AI-written content off as your own.