How to Rewrite ChatGPT Essay?

ChatGPT has become a popular tool for quickly generating essays and other written content. However, directly submitting a ChatGPT-written essay is risky, as the content may be flagged for plagiarism or for not being original work. The best approach is to use ChatGPT essays as a starting point, then make significant revisions to improve the quality and make it your own. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly rewrite a ChatGPT essay.

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Understand the Purpose of Rewriting

The goal of rewriting a ChatGPT essay is to produce high-quality, original content that represents your own ideas and writing style. Some key reasons to rewrite include:

  • Avoiding plagiarism accusations – Submitting AI-written text as your own is risky. Rewriting makes the work original.
  • Improving depth and quality – The initial draft from ChatGPT often lacks nuance. Rewriting allows you to add analysis, details, and examples.
  • Making the writing your own – ChatGPT’s writing style is generic. Rewriting lets you impart your own voice.

Read and Analyze the Original Draft

Thoroughly read through the entire essay draft. As you read, consider aspects you may want to change or improve:

  • Does the content fully address the essay prompt or chosen topic? If not, determine where gaps exist.
  • Is the essay well-structured with an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion? If not, outline possible improvements to the structure.
  • Does the essay include sufficient evidence and examples? Identify where additional details or analysis would strengthen the content.
  • Is the tone and style appropriate for an academic essay? Note any stylistic changes needed to create a more formal tone.

Outline Your Own Version

With the analysis complete, sketch out an outline for your rewritten essay. Consider how you will:

  • Improve the introduction and conclusion to match your style.
  • Add, remove, or change body paragraphs to better structure the content.
  • Seamlessly integrate new examples, analysis, and details.
  • Adjust vocabulary and tone for a more academic and sophisticated feel.

Having an outline provides a roadmap as you move into writing your unique version of the essay.

Change the Word Choice and Sentence Structure

One of the most effective ways to rewrite a ChatGPT essay is to significantly change the words and sentence structure:

  • Use synonyms to change most adjectives, adverbs, and other descriptive words.
  • Break up long sentences into two shorter sentences for clarity.
  • Change sentence structure by switching phrases around or using different connectors like “although” instead of “however.”
  • Remove any repetitive or redundant phrases. Vary the word choice.
  • Change passive voice to active voice statements to add clarity and concision.

These types of stylistic improvements make the essay distinct from the original.

Add Your Own Examples and Analysis

Including fresh examples and analysis is key for boosting the originality of your rewritten essay.

  • Draw from your own experiences, readings, or knowledge to add relevant examples missing from the original draft.
  • Provide analysis that imparts your perspective and critical thinking on the topic. ChatGPT essays often lack meaningful analysis.
  • Cite sources if you add factual data or statistics not in the original. This can strengthen credibility.
  • Weave the new examples and analysis smoothly into the essay structure rather than abruptly inserting them.

Adding thoughtful commentary in your own words transforms the essay into your original work.

Improve Transitions and Expand Context

Look for places where improving transitions and expanding context can enrich the essay:

  • Add transition words and phrases at the beginning of paragraphs to link ideas logically. Examples include “In addition,” “Conversely,” “As evidenced by.”
  • Provide additional context before introducing new topics or ideas. Give background details to help the reader understand the relevance.
  • Elaborate concepts briefly mentioned in the original draft. Expanding on ideas demonstrates your depth of knowledge.
  • Clarify how examples relate to the main argument. Adding explanation will improve cohesion.

Strengthening the transitions and expanding key concepts gives the rewritten essay heightened coherence.

Proofread and Refine the Draft

Finish the rewriting process by carefully proofreading your essay draft:

  • Check for any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. These may detract from the quality.
  • Read sections aloud to ensure they flow well and have the right tone. Make adjustments as needed.
  • Verify that your examples and analysis are woven logically throughout the essay. Move any that feel disjointed.
  • Ask a classmate, friend, or tutor to review the draft to get an outside perspective on areas to refine.
  • Make final edits for clarity, concision, precision of language, and depth of content.

Thoroughly polishing the draft results in a compelling, high-quality essay that showcases your own writing abilities.


Rewriting a ChatGPT-generated essay takes significant effort, but the work pays dividends in producing an original piece you can proudly claim as your own. Following the key steps of analyzing the original, making structural changes, altering the style and wording, adding new analysis, and refining the draft results in an essay indistinguishable from one written fully independently. With this thorough rewriting approach, ChatGPT can become a useful ally rather than a potential liability in developing well-crafted, thoughtful essays that showcase your skills and knowledge.

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FAQs for How to Rewrite a ChatGPT Essay

Is rewriting a ChatGPT essay sufficient, or do I need to start from scratch?

Rewriting thoroughly by following the steps outlined above is normally sufficient to make the work original and distinct from what ChatGPT produces. Starting over from scratch is usually not necessary.

How much of the essay should I change during rewrit?

To be safe, the rewritten essay should have significant changes, on the order of at least 80-90% of the language modified or added. The more alterations the better.

What if I’m struggling to come up with my own examples or analysis?

Read other high-quality essays or scholarly sources related to the topic to stimulate your own analytical thinking. Also, reflect on class lectures and textbooks which may offer insightful angles not covered in the ChatGPT draft.

Is it okay to keep ChatGPT’s essay structure and outline?

The overall structure is generally fine to keep. However, make adjustments as needed to integrate new analysis and examples appropriately.

Can I rewrite a ChatGPT essay for publication?

It would not be advisable to publish a heavily ChatGPT-derived essay. For publication, it is best to have written the full initial draft independently before polishing and editing.