Is ChatGPT Working Right Now?

ChatGPT, the viral chatbot from AI startup Anthropic, has quickly become one of the hottest new tech tools around. With its ability to generate remarkably human-like conversations, many are wondering – is ChatGPT working right now?

The short answer is: Yes, ChatGPT is currently working and available to chat with as of August 2023. However, there are some caveats to understand about its uptime and reliability.

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ChatGPT’s General Availability

In most cases, when you go to you will be able to access ChatGPT and start a conversation. Since its public launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has had impressive uptime overall, especially for such a new product seeing massive growth.

Anthropic has kept ChatGPT continuously available 24/7, aside from occasional maintenance downtime late at night. So unless the service is undergoing scheduled maintenance, ChatGPT is typically working 95%+ of the time.

Of course, as an early stage product still in active development, ChatGPT has seen some intermittent outages and periods of instability. But Anthropic has been relatively transparent about downtime on social media, and works quickly to restore access.

Why ChatGPT Goes Down Sometimes

When ChatGPT does experience downtime, there are a few common reasons:

  • Overload from high demand – With its viral popularity, the ChatGPT servers sometimes get overwhelmed by requests and need to be rebalanced.
  • Scheduled maintenance – Anthropic performs regular maintenance late at night to improve the product, requiring brief shutdowns.
  • Bug fixes and upgrades – Major bugs requiring hotfixes or significant upgrades to the AI model can necessitate some downtime.
  • Security issues – Potential security vulnerabilities could require temporarily shutting down access for patches.
  • Testing new features – As new features are developed, testing them sometimes means intermittent downtime.

On the whole though, Anthropic aims to minimize disruption as much as possible. Downtimes are usually short and availability remains very high compared to most new web services at this scale.

Checking If ChatGPT is Working

Wondering whether ChatGPT is currently working before you try to use it? There are a few ways to check its status:

  • Visit – This is Anthropic’s official ChatGPT status page, showing real-time availability info.
  • Try opening ChatGPT – Pull up and see if you can access the chat interface.
  • Check Anthropic’s Twitter – @anthropicAI often tweets updates on ChatGPT status.
  • See Downdetector reports – Spikes in Downdetector reports often indicate ChatGPT is down.
  • Ask a friend – Check if people in your network can currently access ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Reliability Going Forward

As ChatGPT continues maturing, Anthropic will work to improve its reliability over time. But some intermittent issues are likely as demand keeps surging.

To manage overload, Anthropic may introduce availability limits, like only allowing a certain number of conversations per month for free users. Paid tiers with priority access may emerge too.

But the company has strong incentives to maximize uptime to satisfy users. Look for Anthropic to continue optimizing infrastructure and stability, to keep ChatGPT working 24/7 as much as possible.


In summary, ChatGPT has demonstrated impressive reliability and uptime since its launch, but also experiences periodic downtime. Checking the official status page or Anthropic’s Twitter feed allows you to easily verify is ChatGPT working right now before accessing the AI. As demand continues surging, some ongoing instability is to be expected. However, Anthropic is strongly incentivized to maximize availability and minimize disruptions to keep their viral AI chatbot accessible 24/7. So is ChatGPT working right now? Unless the service is undergoing announced maintenance, the answer is typically yes.

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Why does ChatGPT go down so frequently?

ChatGPT doesn’t go down that often. It has 95%+ uptime overall but sees occasional outages due to overwhelming demand, maintenance, and upgrades as a new product. Anthropic works to minimize disruptions.

Does ChatGPT work offline if the website is down?

No, ChatGPT does not currently work offline. You must be connected to the internet and servers to interact with the AI. There are no offline modes available.

Will Anthropic offer compensation if ChatGPT has extended downtime?

Unlikely, as ChatGPT is currently a free research preview. But as paid tiers emerge, compensation for uptime failures may be a future possibility.

How does Anthropic communicate when ChatGPT is down?

Anthropic communicates ChatGPT outages via its status page at and tweets from its Twitter account @anthropicAI.

Can I get notified as soon as ChatGPT is back online?

Yes, you can sign up on to get email/text notifications when ChatGPT recovering from an outage. Anthropic’s Twitter is also a good source for real-time updates.