Is Chaton the Same as ChatGPT?

The release of ChatGPT by OpenAI in late 2022 sparked a wave of interest and discussion around AI chatbots. Shortly after, Anthropic launched its own AI assistant named Claude. More recently, Anthropic unveiled a chatbot version of Claude called Chaton. This has led many to wonder – is Chaton the same as ChatGPT?

In short, while these two chatbots share some similarities, there are important differences between the two chatbots in terms of their underlying AI models, training data, and capabilities.

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How Chaton and ChatGPT Are Similar

Both Chaton and ChatGPT are conversational AI systems designed to understand natural language queries and respond to them in human-like ways. They can carry on nuanced conversations, answer follow-up questions, and admit when they don’t know something.

Additionally, neither Chaton nor ChatGPT have access to the internet or real-time information. Both rely solely on their pre-trained AI models to generate responses.

Key Differences Between Chaton and ChatGPT

While the two chatbots share some high-level similarities, looking under the hood reveals meaningful distinctions between Chaton and ChatGPT.

Different AI Models and Training Data

Chaton uses Anthropic’s own proprietary AI model called Constitutional AI, while ChatGPT uses a GPT-3 model developed by OpenAI. Though the details of each model are not public, they likely differ significantly in their neural network architecture and training methodology.

Importantly, Chaton was trained on what Anthropic claims is a more diverse and carefully curated dataset compared to ChatGPT. Anthropic says its training data was filtered to minimize biases and toxicity in the model.

Chaton Aims for Truthfulness

A major goal with Chaton is for it to provide truthful, fact-based responses to users’ queries. In contrast, ChatGPT will sometimes generate plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical responses.

Chaton will indicate when it is unsure of something or lacks the context to provide a complete answer. Maintaining truthfulness and transparency is a core part of Chaton’s design.

Chaton Can Learn and Improve

Unlike ChatGPT which is static, Chaton has been designed with the ability to learn from its conversations and feedback. Over time, it is intended to become progressively more helpful, harmless, and honest through ongoing training.

This means Chaton may provide different or better answers to the same questions in the future as its model evolves. ChatGPT does not learn or change once deployed.

Chaton Has Narrower Capabilities Initially

Being a brand new system, Chaton today has a more limited range of knowledge and conversational abilities compared to ChatGPT which has benefitted from months of public testing.

However, Anthropic plans to quickly expand Chaton’s skills over time, teaching it new domains through further training. We can expect its capabilities to rapidly match and even surpass ChatGPT in some areas.


While Chaton and ChatGPT are both AI chatbots designed to engage in natural conversation, they have meaningful differences under the hood in terms of their models, training data, capabilities, and capacity to learn.

Chaton was engineered with a focus on truthfulness, transparency, and improvement over time. Meanwhile, ChatGPT aims to produce plausible and coherent responses, even if incorrect.

Going forward, it will be fascinating to see how these two systems progress and to what extent Chaton fulfills its promise of evolving into an AI assistant that is helpful, harmless, and honest. The chatbot space is advancing rapidly, and competition between the likes of Chaton and ChatGPT will ultimately benefit users.

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Is Chaton more advanced than ChatGPT?

Not necessarily – ChatGPT has benefited from more extensive public testing so far. However, Chaton has the potential to become more advanced over time as Anthropic continues to train the model.

Can Chaton and ChatGPT have a conversation?

No, the two chatbots cannot directly communicate as they run on completely separate systems.

Is Chaton safer to use than ChatGPT?

Potentially – Chaton was designed intentionally to minimize harms through its training data and learning approach. But continued use and testing will reveal Chaton’s true safety.

What are the limits of Chaton right now?

As a new system, Chaton today has a smaller knowledge base and more basic conversational abilities than ChatGPT. Anthropic plans to rapidly expand its skills over time.