30+ Best Stable Diffusion Portrait Prompts in 2023

Have you ever wanted to create a digital portrait of someone without advanced artistic skills? Stable Diffusion makes it possible for anyone to generate custom portraits from their imagination. All you need is the ability to describe your vision with words. Stable Diffusion Portrait Prompts help with that.

With the right prompt, Stable Diffusion’s AI can paint a photorealistic portrait in minutes. Describe your subject’s physical attributes, hairstyle, and facial expression, and the AI will generate a digital painting tailored to your specifications.

In this blog, we’ll explore 40+ best portrait prompts for achieving professional and photorealistic results with Stable Diffusion.

How to Generate Portrait using Stable Diffusion?

Crafting a compelling portrait prompt does take practice, however. Stable Diffusion needs rich details to produce quality results, so describe your subject thoroughly from head to shoulders.

Don’t stop at your first attempt. Generating a realistic portrait, like any artistic work, often requires iteration and refinement. Review Stable Diffusion’s initial results and provide a new prompt with additional details and changes to improve the quality. Play around with sampling settings like guidance scale and inference steps to explore variations. With consistent experimentation, you’ll get a feel for how prompts impact the AI’s creations and gain skills for achieving your desired outcome.

Best Stable Diffusion Photorealistic Portrait Prompts

No.Prompts For Hyperrealistic Photography Portraits
1“”19-year-old woman” by Steve McCurry, 35mm, F/2.8, insanely detailed and intricate, character, hypermaximalist, elegant, ornate, beautiful, exotic, revealing, appealing, attractive, amative, hyper-realistic, super detailed, popular on Flickr”
2“close-up portrait, elderly man, natural light, sharp, detailed face, magazine, press, photograph, david lazar, canon, nikon, focus,”
3“Portrait of a rock star covered in jewel-encrusted clothing, detailed face, magazine, fantasy forest background, artwork by David LaChapelle, low light, moonlight, highly detailed, 8k, close-up”
4“Annie Leibovitz’s photograph of an anime girl in a hot tub is close-up, foggy, sepia, moody, dreamlike, and sigma, 85mm f/1.4, 15mm, 35mm, 4k, high resolution, 4k, 8k, hd, full colour, 4k, 8k, 4k, high definition”
5“Portrait photograph of an elderly African warrior chief with a tribal panther mask, gold on white, side profile, averted gaze, and serious eyes, 50mm portrait photography, photography with hard rim lighting”
6“a character portrait photograph of a smiling old japanese man, optimistic, photojournalism, war photography, adobe, canon, nikon, flickr contest winner, neo-expressionism, art photography, busy background, hyperrealism, chiaroscuro, anamorphic lens flare, elegant, shallow depth of field, haze, volumetric lighting, photo taken with provia, 24mm, f1.8, by Filip Hodas, by Andrew Do”
7“Gorgeous homeless gentleman, detailed face, foggy, 35mm, F/2.8, 4k, photojournalism, busy background, volumetric lighting, neo-expressionism, art photography”
8“Sharp focus, elegance, render, octane, detail, award-winning photography, masterpiece, rim lighting”
9“Punk girl, profile photo, grunge style, incredibly detailed, reflection, octane, detailed face, 35mm, F/2.8, 4k”
10“Perfect Facial Features is a photo portrait of a woman with a hyperrealistic, ideal face template, Fujifilm X-T3, 1/1250sec at f/2.8, ISO 160, 84mm”
11“Girl with sad eyes, portrait, brown hair, red night, oil, HQ, 4k, HQ, HQ”
12“Victorian living room ghost and young woman, black and white, volumetric lighting, ultradetailed face, realistic portrait, gorgeous face, long braided hair, realistic photograph, by caravaggiom award winning photo, very sharp, full body, ultradetailed, beautiful light, beautiful eyes”
13“Front man with a hoodie and a cap hiding those eyes”
14“Out of focus photorealistic portrait of a beautiful!!! aesthetic!!! pale young woman by sarah moon, very blurry, translucent white skin, closed eyes, foggy, kodak film, ultra realistic face, photorealistic effect, 8k, perfetc eyes, perfect edges, perfetc body and hair ultra realistic, hair with great details, face photorealistic, perfect face, perfect anatomy, clouds, fog, smoke, cloud”
15“intricate, elegant, by alyssa monks, highly detailed, non symmetrical facial expression, fine details, masterpiece, trending on artstation”
16“Girl soft lighting, glamorous, sophisticated, studio photography”
17“highly detailed, close-up photography of a face, grungy style”
18“Highly detailed Portrait of a beautiful young lady with white hair and sharp eyes, 35 mm, 8k, sharp”
19“Portrait of a beutiful young woman, She is swedish and wears a tight black dress, She is 18
20“A close-up shot of a woman with a pensive expression, wearing a dark, off-the-shoulder dress and a single, statement piece of jewelry, The background should be out of focus and feature soft, warm tones”
21“A portrait of a man in a formal suit and tie, sitting at a desk with a stack of papers and a pen in front of him, The background should be a bookshelf filled with leather-bound books”
22“A shot of a couple sitting on a bench in a park, with the woman resting her head on the man’s shoulder, The background should feature lush greenery and a clear blue sky”
23“A portrait of a young girl in a white, flowy dress, standing in a field of wildflowers with the sun setting behind her”
24“A close-up shot of a man with a rugged, rugged look, wearing a denim jacket and a beanie, The background should be out of focus and feature a gritty, urban setting”
25“A portrait of a woman in a black, form-fitting dress and high heels, sitting on a stool in a dimly lit bar, The background should feature a blurred crowd and a neon sign”
26“A shot of a family sitting on a blanket on the beach, with the parents holding a young child between them, The background should feature the ocean and a clear blue sky”
27“A portrait of a man in a tuxedo, standing in front of a grand piano, The background should be out of focus and feature a dimly lit concert hall”
28“A close-up shot of a woman with a serious expression, wearing a black leather jacket and a fedora, The background should be out of focus and feature a gritty, urban setting”
29“A portrait of a couple standing in front of a rustic barn, with the woman wearing a flowy white dress and the man wearing a suit, The background should feature a picturesque countryside setting”
30“A shot of a group of friends sitting around a campfire, with the background featuring a starry night sky and a forest”
31“A portrait of a man in a suit and tie, standing in front of a skyscraper, The background should feature a blurred cityscape”
32“A close-up shot of a woman with a serene expression, wearing a white sundress and a wide-brimmed hat, The background should be out of focus and feature a lush garden setting”
33“A portrait of a couple sitting on a park bench, with the background featuring a lake and a bridge”
34“A shot of a man wearing a motorcycle leather jacket, standing in front of his bike
35“A portrait of a woman wearing a red dress, standing in front of a large window with a cityscape view”
36“A close-up shot of a man with a serious expression, wearing a suit and tie, sitting at a desk with papers and a pen in front of him, The background should be a bookshelf filled with leather-bound books”
37“A portrait of a family standing in front of a white picket fence, with the background featuring a picturesque countryside setting”
38“A shot of a couple sitting on a pier, with the background featuring a sunset and a body of water”
39“A portrait of a woman wearing a black dress and pearls, sitting in front of a fireplace, The background should feature a library or living room setting with bookshelves and antique furniture”
40“Full body portrait of a beautiful and sexy young woman, She is Swedish and wears a Skim dress, She is 18, Large eyes, large lips, small nose, summer evening, Looks like Christina Hendricks, Photograph taken with Canon EOS R3”

Stable diffusion portrait prompts open up a world of artistic possibilities by seamlessly blending artificial intelligence and human creativity. With the ability to generate detailed images guided by text prompts, stable diffusion empowers artists, designers, and enthusiasts to transform their ideas into visually striking works of art.

By harnessing the capabilities of stable diffusion and exploring the various options available, individuals can unlock their creative potential and create unique and captivating portraits.


Can stable diffusion be used for other types of images besides portraits?

Stable diffusion can be used for various image-related tasks, including inpainting, outpainting, and image-to-image translations, allowing for versatile creative expression.

How can I ensure the generated portrait aligns with my artistic vision?

Crafting a well-defined prompt and utilizing the available options such as seed value, inference steps, and classifier-free guidance scale can help align the output with your artistic vision.

Are there any limitations to stable diffusion’s image compression capabilities?

While stable diffusion offers image compression functionality, it may face challenges in preserving small text and faces compared to traditional compression methods like JPEG and WebP.

Can stable diffusion be used for data augmentation and anonymization?

Yes, stable diffusion’s img2img script allows for data augmentation and anonymization by adding noise to existing images or modifying specific image features based on prompts.

Are there specialized models available for inpainting and outpainting use cases?