What is DAN ChatGPT?

ChatGPT took the world by storm when it was released in November 2022, quickly becoming one of the hottest conversational AI bots. But what exactly is DAN ChatGPT? This advanced chatbot is garnering buzz, so let’s break down what makes it unique.

At its core, DAN ChatGPT is an AI assistant created by Anthropic to have natural conversations on any topic. It builds on the original ChatGPT architecture but has key improvements to make it more capable.

DAN stands for Detected Anthropic. It’s the updated version of Claude, which is the backbone AI model behind ChatGPT.

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More Knowledgeable and Truthful

The DAN update trains ChatGPT to provide more honest, accurate responses compared to the original version. DAN ChatGPT has been fed more data and real world knowledge to make its conversations reliable.

For example, DAN will politely decline inappropriate requests rather than creating harmful content. It will also freely admit when it does not know something instead of guessing. This makes DAN ChatGPT more truthful.

Checks Facts in Real Time

Here’s what makes DAN truly novel: it can check external sources to verify statements in real-time during a conversation. DAN can tap into the internet and other data troves to ground its responses in facts and evidence.

If DAN is unsure of a piece of information, it will transparently perform searches to confirm accuracy before answering. This real-time fact checking helps DAN provide reliable information.

Cites Reliable Sources

Along with checking facts while chatting, DAN goes a step further by citing reputable sources to back up claims.

DAN might say, “According to a 2022 research study from Oxford University, the rate of XYZ is increasing. Here is the link: [study URL].” Providing citations enhances DAN’s credibility.

More Consistent Personality

The original ChatGPT sometimes exhibited wild inconsistencies in tone and personality during conversations. DAN delivers more consistent character through Anthropic’s Constitutional AI approach.

Regardless of the topic, DAN maintains the same core identity. This makes conversations feel more natural as users engage with one consistent personality.

Customizable Personality

One exciting feature of DAN ChatGPT is its customizable personality. While maintaining core values of honesty and helpfulness, users can fine-tune DAN’s tone, voice, speaking style and mood to suit their preferences. This level of personality customization makes conversations more engaging.

Integration with Internet Resources

Unlike isolated AI systems, DAN ChatGPT can integrate with external websites, APIs and databases to greatly expand its knowledge. With supervised access, DAN can tap into vetted online resources to deliver accurate real-time information to users. Its connectivity makes DAN an on-ramp to the richness of the internet.

Commitment to AI Safety

Anthropic takes a prudent approach to developing safe AI systems users can trust. DAN ChatGPT is designed to avoid potential harms stemming from unchecked AI. Its Constitutional AI framework aligns its core purpose with human values. DAN sets a standard for responsible AI development.

Ongoing Evaluation

To monitor performance, DAN ChatGPT is subjected to rigorous benchmark testing evaluating criteria like truthfulness, factual accuracy and bias. DAN’s responses must consistently meet high bars across diverse conversational domains. This evaluation ensures DAN meets Anthropic’s standards before release.

Transparent Development Process

As an open organization, Anthropic transparently documents DAN ChatGPT’s development and regularly communicates progress. Users can check technical papers and blog posts to see how DAN works under the hood. This open process builds public trust.


DAN ChatGPT builds on the original ChatGPT with key upgrades like real-time fact checking, reliable sources, and consistent personality. While not perfect, DAN represents the vanguard of safer, more capable conversational AI.

Early feedback indicates DAN ChatGPT sets a new standard for transparency and truthfulness in AI assistants. With continuous improvement by Anthropic, DAN ChatGPT aims to provide one of the most realistic and useful conversational experiences available.

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Is DAN ChatGPT more advanced than the original?

Yes, DAN ChatGPT is more advanced due to real-time fact checking, citing sources, improved knowledge, and consistent personality compared to the original ChatGPT.

What can DAN ChatGPT do better than the original?

Key improvements include providing truthful answers, fact checking claims, citing reliable sources, and maintaining a consistent personality during extended conversations.

When was DAN ChatGPT released by Anthropic?

DAN ChatGPT was first announced in February 2023 as an upgrade aimed at truthfulness and factual accuracy compared to the original ChatGPT.