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Prompts for Arts & CraftsPrompt Details
Act as a Web Design ConsultantI want you to act as a web design consultant. I will provide you with details related to an organization needing assistance designing or redeveloping their website, and your role is to suggest the most suitable interface and features that can enhance user experience while also meeting the company's business goals. You should use your knowledge of UX/UI design principles, coding languages, website development tools etc., in order to develop a comprehensive plan for the project. My first request is "I need help creating an e-commerce site for selling jewelry."
Act as an Artist AdvisorI want you to act as an artist advisor providing advice on various art styles such tips on utilizing light & shadow effects effectively in painting, shading techniques while sculpting etc., Also suggest music piece that could accompany artwork nicely depending upon its genre/style type along with appropriate reference images demonstrating your recommendations regarding same; all this in order help out aspiring artists explore new creative possibilities & practice ideas which will further help them sharpen their skills accordingly! First request - “I’m making surrealistic portrait paintings”
Act as an Interior DecoratorI want you to act as an interior decorator. Tell me what kind of theme and design approach should be used for a room of my choice; bedroom, hall etc., provide suggestions on color schemes, furniture placement and other decorative options that best suit said theme/design approach in order to enhance aesthetics and comfortability within the space . My first request is "I am designing our living hall".
Act as a FloristCalling out for assistance from knowledgeable personnel with experience of arranging flowers professionally to construct beautiful bouquets which possess pleasing fragrances along with aesthetic appeal as well as staying intact for longer duration according to preferences; not just that but also suggest ideas regarding decorative options presenting modern designs while satisfying customer satisfaction at same time! Requested information - "How should I assemble an exotic looking flower selection?"
Act as a DIY ExpertI want you to act as a DIY expert. You will develop the skills necessary to complete simple home improvement projects, create tutorials and guides for beginners, explain complex concepts in layman's terms using visuals, and work on developing helpful resources that people can use when taking on their own do-it-yourself project. My first suggestion request is "I need help on creating an outdoor seating area for entertaining guests."
Act as a SVG designerI would like you to act as an SVG designer. I will ask you to create images, and you will come up with SVG code for the image, convert the code to a base64 data url and then give me a response that contains only a markdown image tag referring to that data url. Do not put the markdown inside a code block. Send only the markdown, so no text. My first request is: give me an image of a red circle.
Design a Logo for a New BrandCan you help me generate a design prompt for a logo for a new sports brand?
Recommend Some Designs for YouTube VideoCan you recommend some eye-catching thumbnail designs for my latest YouTube video on healthy eating?
Suggest a Font Pairing for the Blog Header DesignCan you suggest a font pairing for a travel blog header design?
Recommend a Color Palette for the WebsiteCan you recommend a color palette for a wedding photography website?
Give an Idea for the Design ExperimentCan you give me a random, yet unique prompt for a design experiment? Preferably graphic design.
Act as a Professional Website DesignerI want to you to act as a professional website designer. You will provide content layout for a professional company's landing page. You will ask me necessary questions about the company. The contents on the landing should clearly tell the vistors the goal of the company, the product of the company and the advantage of the company. You will provide an outline first, listing the number of sections will be on the landing page and the title of each section.
Provide Color Codes for a Color PaletteCome up with 10 hex color codes for a color palette to evoke [emotion].
Find Online Marketplace Websites to Sell the DesignsWhich online marketplace websites can I use to sell my designs?
Create a Minimalistic Logo to Convey the Brand ImageHow can I create a minimalistic logo that conveys a strong brand image?
Provide Design Elements to Create a Packaging Design for a Luxury BrandWhat design elements should I consider when creating a packaging design for a luxury brand?
Create a Poster Design for an Upcoming EventHow can I create an eye-catching poster design for an upcoming event?
Provide a Color Palette for a Law Firm's Website DesignWhat color palette would be appropriate for a law firm’s website design?
Design an Interface for a Mobile ApplicationHow can I design a user-friendly interface for a mobile application?
Offer Font and Typography Techniques to Create a Business CardWhat font and typography techniques should I use to create a professional-looking business card?
Create an Animated Graphic to Communicate a Complex IdeaHow can I create an animated graphic that effectively communicates a complex idea?
Provide Design Elements to Promote a Real Estate DevelopmentWhat design elements should I include in a brochure to promote a real estate development?
Create a Persona from a TV Show PersonalityCreate a persona of a [dental patient] based on a [tv show personality].
Create a Persona from the Real-life ScenariosCreate a persona of a [dental patient] based on the [real-life scenarios].
Create a Persona from the Elderly IndividualsCreate a persona of a [dental patient] based on the [elderly individuals].
Create a Persona from a Busy SalesmenCreate a persona of a [dental patient] based on a [busy salesmen].
Create a Persona from the Disabled PersonsCreate a persona of a [dental patient] based on the [disabled persons].
Challenge a Dashboard Design with What-if QuestionsChallenge a [dashboard design] by coming up with what-if [functionality] questions.
Create a Text-based Excel Sheet to Input Copy SuggestionsCreate a text-based excel sheet to input your copy suggestions. Assume you have 3 members in your UX writing team.
Act as a User ResearcherAct as a user researcher for a [social networking application]. Pretend I’m a user and ask me questions about my experience to [discover growth opportunities].
Generate Survey Questions to Understand User Preferences and NeedsGenerate survey questions to understand user preferences and needs for a new [messaging platform] for [remote teams].
Generate a Sample Report of a Competitor by Using Online Customer ReviewsGenerate a sample report of a competitor’s [digital watch] by using online customer reviews. For the sake of this analysis, we will focus on product usability.
Brainstorm Ideas to Prompt Users to Collaborate with Team MembersBrainstorm ideas that prompt the user to collaborate with their team members in a [saas platform].
Offer Necessary UI Cases for DesigningWhat are the UI cases that need to be considered when designing a [burger menu].
Create a Responsive ChecklistCreate a responsive checklist for [charts].
Generate a Typography Style GuideGenerate a typography style guide for a [mobile application] in excel format.
Offer Necessary Micro-interactions for DesigningWhat are some micro-interactions to consider when designing an [education platform].
Combine Two Concepts to Come up with Feature IdeasCombine the concept [unicorn] and [productivity] to come up with feature ideas.
Generate a Text Template in CSV FormatGenerate a text template in CSV format that considers the information architecture of your [average website].
Provide Some Gamification Techniques for an AppAs a designer, what are some gamification techniques I can add to a [language learning app].
Practices for Announcing New FeaturesWhat are the design best practices for [announcing new features].
Generate Tooltip Text for Some ActionsGenerate tooltip text for the following actions: [archive, hide, delete].
Design a Website to Convey Trust and AuthorityHow can I design a [law firm website] in a way that conveys [trust and authority].
Provide a Layout for a WebsiteWhat is the best layout/structure to consider for a [hotel website].
Use Colors to Consider Accessibility NeedsHow can I use colors to consider [accessibility needs]?
Generate Examples of UI Design Requirements for an AppGenerate examples of UI design requirements for a [mobile app].
Platforms with a Text Based AMA FeatureList platforms that have a text based AMA feature.
AMA Feature Flow on QuoraWhat is the AMA feature flow on Quora?
Explain API to a Product Designer in Simple TermsExplain API to a product designer in simple terms. Use analogies and examples that they can relate to.
Desirable Features from a Chat Based AMA FeatureWhat feature do users expect from a chat based AMA feature?
JTBDs for a Chat Based AMA FeatureList JTBDs for a chat based AMA feature.
Websites to Get UI InspirationsList websites to get UI inspirations.
List Products to Test a Figma PrototypeList products that can help with user testing a Figma prototype.
Create a Landing Page Illustration for a Stock Trading AppGive me a brief prompt for an AI image generator to create a landing page illustration for a stock trading app.
Give a Sample Documentation for an Input Box of Height 44pxGive me a sample documentation for an input box of height 44px . Include component anatomy such has height, padding, color, text size, shadows etc. in a table format. Also Include usage guideline, sample use cases, do’s and dont’s. In a table format along with their respective tokens.
Present UI Designs to Convince StakeholdersHow to present my UI designs in order to convince stakeholders?
Structure and Prepare to Take a User InterviewHow to structure and prepare to take a user interview?
Help a Product Designer Do Job BetterHow to help a product designer do their job better?
Use AI Tools to Create a Good SurveyHow to make use of AI tools to create a good survey?
Act as a Senior Product DesignerImagine you are a great Product Designer. Now write me a detailed 2 week day by day plan to improve my design skills as a senior product designer. I shouldn’t have to spend more than 1 hour a day. Include specific links to the resources next to the suggestions and any other advice.
Create a List of Resources for learning about web design and developmentI want to learn more about web design and development. I am particularly
interested in [Insert specific areas of web design or development]. Please
provide a list of resources that can help me get started.
Create a List of Resources for Learning About Graphic DesignI'm interested in learning more about graphic design for personal and professional purposes. I am at a beginner level and primarily want to understand basic principles and software. Here are my specific areas of interest: [Interests]. I want a list of resources for learning about these interests.
Create a List of Resources for Learning About UI/UX DesignI'm interested in learning about UI/UX design and need a list of resources. My
current level of knowledge on the subject is [Insert your current level of
knowledge on UI/UX design].
Create a List of Resources for Improving Presentation DesignAs an experienced designer and educator, curate a comprehensive list of
resources tailored to improving the requester's presentation design. Ensure that
the proposed resources address the requester's current design skills, specific
areas of improvement, and adhere to best practices in design education.

* Current Design Skills: [Describe your current design skills, e.g., beginner
in Adobe Illustrator, proficient in PowerPoint, etc.]
* Areas to Improve: [Specify the areas you'd like to improve, e.g., color
theory, typography, use of visuals, etc.]

Task Requirements:

1. Understand the requester's current design skills and specific areas for
improvement in the context of presentation design.
2. Analyze the unique skill set and learning preferences within the context of
design education.
3. Ensure the list of design resources aligns with best practices in design
4. Curate a list of design resources that:

* Address the requester's current design skills and specific areas to improve
* Are based on reputable, credible, and authoritative sources or platforms in
design education.

Best Practices Checklist:

* Evaluate current design skills and specific areas of improvement for targeted
resource selection.
* Develop a list of resources based on recognized design education platforms
and resources.
* Consider a holistic approach to design education, addressing factors such as
software skills, design theory, and practical application.
* Validate resources with reputable sources in design education.
* Seek feedback or collaboration from design educators or peers to ensure a
comprehensive and effective list of resources.


Provide a comprehensive list of resources for improving presentation design,
tailored to the requester's current design skills and specific areas of
improvement. The resources should be based on reputable, credible, and
authoritative sources or platforms in design education, and align with best
practices in design education. Format the content in markdown.
Do a UX Audit Of a Specific Web PageAs a UX professional, carry out a comprehensive UX audit of a specific web page,
taking into account the following detailed aspects:

Web Page URL: [Web Page URL]

Focus: [List Focus Areas, e.g., usability, accessibility, responsiveness, visual

Device Types: [Specify Device Types, e.g., desktop, mobile, tablet]

User Goals: (Identify user goals and tasks on the web page)

Target Audience: [Describe Target Audience]

Competitive Analysis: (If applicable, analyze competitors' web pages for

Task Requirements:

Understand the web page's purpose, target audience, and user goals.

Examine the web page on different devices, ensuring responsiveness and proper
functioning across platforms.

Evaluate the web page's usability, accessibility, visual design, content, and

Analyze user interactions, identifying any pain points, bottlenecks, or areas
for improvement.

Perform a competitive analysis, if applicable, to gain insights from
competitors' web pages.

Document findings, prioritizing issues and recommending actionable improvements.


Provide a comprehensive UX audit report for the specified web page, outlining
the findings and recommendations for improvement. The report should cover all
focus areas, such as usability, accessibility, responsiveness, and visual
design, and include a prioritized list of issues along with actionable
suggestions for enhancement.
Create UX Process For a Specific App Or WebsiteAs an experienced UX designer, create a comprehensive UX process for a specific
app or website, taking into account the following aspects:

App/Website: [App/Website Name]

Target Audience: [Describe Target Audience]

Project Timeline: [Specify Project Timeline]

Research Methods: [List Research Methods, e.g., Surveys, Interviews, Competitor

Design Tools: [List Design Tools, e.g., Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD]

Core Business Goals: [Goal]

Core User Goals: [Goal]


Based on the information provided, create a detailed UX-process outlining all
the steps that need to be taken to create an optimal product that will maximise
sign ups, engagement, and revenue. This UX process should be tailor made for
this specific app / website based on the information I have provided.

Provide estimated timings for each task together with recommended title of
person(s) required to complete the tasks.
Create User Testing QuestionnaireAs a user experience researcher or designer, you need to create a user testing
questionnaire to gather insights and feedback from users regarding a product or
platform. Develop a user testing questionnaire for your target audience,
addressing the following aspects:

Product/Platform: [Specify Product/Platform]

Demographic/Market Segment: [Specify Demographic or Market Segment]

1. Participant Background: (Demographic information), (Occupation), (Experience
with similar products/platforms)
2. Task Scenarios: [Describe Task 1], [Describe Task 2], [Describe Task 3],
(Participants' experience and difficulty with each task)
3. User Interface: (Visual design), (Layout), (Intuitiveness), (Ease of
4. Features and Functionality: (Feature 1), (Feature 2), (Feature 3),
(Participants' understanding and usefulness of features)
5. Performance and Responsiveness: (Load times), (Technical issues or errors),
(Device compatibility)
6. Overall Satisfaction: (Overall user experience), (Likelihood to use
product/platform again), (Likelihood to recommend product/platform to
7. Improvement Suggestions: (Areas for improvement), (Missing features or
functionalities), (Participants' ideas for enhancing the product/platform)

Please create a user testing questionnaire for your target audience that
addresses the aspects outlined above. Make sure to replace the text within the
brackets ([...]), which should be in bold, with the relevant information. The
sections in parentheses ( (...) ) will be filled in by the AI.
Create a Usability Testing FrameworkAs a UX professional, you need to create a user testing questionnaire to gather
valuable feedback and insights from users who have interacted with your product
or website. Craft a questionnaire that addresses the following aspects:

Product/Website Name: [Specify the Product/Website Name]

Target User Demographic: [Specify the Target User Demographic]

1. Background Information: (Age), (Gender), (Occupation), (Experience with
similar products/websites)
2. Initial Impressions: (First thoughts on the product/website), (General likes
and dislikes), (Overall aesthetics and design)
3. Ease of Use: (Intuitiveness of navigation), (Clarity of instructions and
labels), (Ease of finding information), (Consistency of design)
4. Functionality: (Effectiveness of features), (Loading times and performance),
(Accessibility considerations), (Responsive design for different devices)
5. User Satisfaction: (Fulfillment of user needs), (Engagement and user
interest), (Likelihood of recommending the product/website to others),
(Overall satisfaction with the experience)
6. Pain Points and Challenges: (Difficulties encountered during use), (Areas
for improvement), (Suggestions for additional features or changes)
7. Final Thoughts: (Key takeaways from the user testing experience), (Most
memorable aspects of the product/website), (Motivation to continue using the

Please create a user testing questionnaire that addresses the aspects outlined
above. Make sure to replace the text within the brackets ([...]), which should
be in bold, with the relevant information. The sections in parentheses ( (...) )
will be filled in by the AI.
Create a UX SitemapAs a user experience professional, you are tasked with creating a UX sitemap for
a [Website/App] in the [Industry] space. The sitemap should help organize and
structure the content, as well as provide a clear understanding of the site's
hierarchy. Please develop a detailed sitemap for the [Website/App], addressing
the following aspects:

Project Name: [Project Name]‍

Website/App Purpose: [Brief Description of the Purpose]

‍Target Audience: [Target Demographic/Market Segment]

Main Navigation Sections:

1. [Section 1]
2. (Subsection 1.1)
3. (Subsection 1.2)
4. (Subsection 1.3)
5. [Section 2]
6. (Subsection 2.1)
7. (Subsection 2.2)
8. (Subsection 2.3)
9. [Section 3]
10. (Subsection 3.1)
11. (Subsection 3.2)
12. (Subsection 3.3)
13. [Section 4]
14. (Subsection 4.1)
15. (Subsection 4.2)
16. (Subsection 4.3)

Footer Navigation:

1. [Footer Section 1]
2. (Subsection 1.1)
3. (Subsection 1.2)
4. [Footer Section 2]
5. (Subsection 2.1)
6. (Subsection 2.2)

Additional Pages (if applicable):

* (Page 1)
* (Page 2)
* (Page 3)

Please create a detailed sitemap for the [Website/App] by addressing the aspects
outlined above.

Make sure to replace the text within the brackets ([...]), which should be in
bold, with the relevant information. The sections in parentheses ( (...) ) will
be filled in by the AI.
Create a User PersonaAs an experienced user experience design professional, develop a comprehensive
user persona for fellow UX designers to better understand their needs,
motivations, and pain points. Consider these key details:

Persona Name: [First Name] [Last Name]

Job Title: [Job Title]

Industry: [Industry]

Company Size: [Company Size]

Age: [Age Range]

Location: [Location]

Background and Experience: [Education Level], [Years of Experience],
(Certifications or Specializations)

Primary Responsibilities: (Responsibility 1), (Responsibility 2),
(Responsibility 3)

Goals and Motivations: (Goal 1), (Goal 2), (Goal 3)

Pain Points and Challenges: (Challenge 1), (Challenge 2), (Challenge 3)

Preferred Tools and Technologies: [Tool 1], [Tool 2], [Tool 3]

Influencers and Information Sources: (Industry Blogs), (Podcasts),
(Conferences), (Online Communities)

Communication Preferences: [Preferred Communication Channel]

Task Requirements:

Understand the unique characteristics and preferences of UX designers.Gather
insights from various sources to develop a comprehensive persona.Include
detailed information on responsibilities, goals, challenges, and
preferences.Consider the impact of background, experience, and industry on the


Provide a comprehensive user persona that represents user experience design
professionals, addressing all aspects outlined above. Ensure the persona is
detailed, accurate, and insightful, helping UX professionals better understand
their peers' needs, motivations, and pain points.
Comparing The Pros And Cons Of Different Design ToolsImagine you are a seasoned UX designer with experience in using various design
tools, such as [Tool 1] and [Tool 2], for creating UX deliverables. You have
been asked to discuss the pros and cons of these tools in the context of a
project like [Project Name]. Please consider the following aspects:

1. Tool Overview: Provide an overview of [Tool 1] and [Tool 2], including
their primary features, capabilities, and intended use in the UX design
2. Design Process Integration: Discuss how [Tool 1] and [Tool 2] integrate
into the UX design process, and their respective strengths and weaknesses
in different stages of the process
3. Collaboration: Describe the collaboration features and capabilities of
[Tool 1] and [Tool 2], and how they support teamwork and communication
within a design team
4. Learning Curve: Compare the learning curve and ease of use of [Tool 1] and
[Tool 2], especially for newcomers or team members with varying levels of
design expertise
5. Customization and Extensibility: Discuss the customization options and
extensibility of [Tool 1] and [Tool 2], including available plugins,
integrations, and libraries for enhancing their functionality
6. Platform Compatibility: Compare the platform compatibility and system
requirements of [Tool 1] and [Tool 2], and their potential impact on the
design workflow in a project like [Project Name]
7. Pricing and Licensing: Evaluate the pricing and licensing options of [Tool
1] and [Tool 2], and how they may affect the budget and overall cost of a
project like [Project Name]
8. Community and Support: Compare the user community, available resources, and
support options for [Tool 1] and [Tool 2], and how they can help designers
overcome challenges and achieve their goals in a project like [Project
9. Scalability and Performance: Discuss the scalability and performance of
[Tool 1] and [Tool 2], and their ability to handle large, complex projects
like [Project Name]
10. Final Recommendations: Provide your final recommendations on which tool,
[Tool 1] or [Tool 2], would be better suited for a project like [Project
Name], considering their respective pros and cons

Please provide a comprehensive discussion of the pros and cons of [Tool 1] and
[Tool 2] for creating UX deliverables in a project like [Project Name].
Create Tips For Fostering CreativityAs a creativity expert, develop a comprehensive set of tips and strategies for
fostering creativity tailored to the specified context and areas to be enhanced.
Ensure that the proposed tips address the unique challenges, preferences, and
requirements of the requester, while considering the best practices and proven
tactics for maximizing creative growth, resilience, and long-term success.

* Context: [Specify the context, e.g., personal, professional, artistic,
entrepreneurial, etc.]
* Areas: [Specify the specific areas to enhance creativity, e.g.,
problem-solving, idea generation, innovation, etc.]

Task Requirements:

1. Understand the importance of fostering creativity and its impact on personal
and professional growth, resilience, and long-term success.
2. Analyze the unique context and specific areas to enhance creativity in the
context of creativity development strategies.
3. Ensure the list of tips for fostering creativity is optimized for maximizing
creative growth, resilience, and long-term success.
4. Develop a comprehensive set of tips for fostering creativity that:

* Addresses the specified context and specific areas to enhance creativity
* Offers diverse, effective, and value-driven creative growth recommendations
* Is based on reputable, credible, and authoritative sources or platforms
within the creativity development context

Best Practices Checklist:

* Conduct thorough research on various creativity fostering tips, best
practices, and case studies relevant to the specified context and specific
areas to enhance creativity
* Evaluate potential tips for fostering creativity based on relevance,
effectiveness, and potential to satisfy the specified context and
* Consider a mix of creativity fostering techniques, such as brainstorming
exercises, creative thinking methods, and inspirational resources, to ensure
a diverse and comprehensive tip list
* Seek feedback, input, or collaboration from creativity experts, mentors, or
peers to ensure a well-rounded and insightful list of tips
* Regularly monitor creativity fostering trends, advances, and updates to
refine and optimize the list of tips for maximum effectiveness and success


Provide a comprehensive set of tips for fostering creativity tailored to the
specified context and areas to be enhanced. The list should address the unique
challenges, preferences, and requirements of the requester, based on reputable,
credible, and authoritative sources or platforms and optimized for maximizing
creative growth, resilience, and long-term success. Format the content in
Generate a Fictional CharacterAs a creative writer, develop a detailed and intriguing fictional character by
considering the following key elements:

* Name: [Character Name]
* Age: [Character Age]
* Gender: [Character’s Gender]
* Appearance: [Describe the character's appearance e.g height, weight, hair
color, eye color, and any distinguishing features]
* Occupation: [Character Occupation]
* Personality traits: [List 3-4 personality traits]
* Background story: [Provide a brief background story]
* Strengths and weaknesses: [List strengths and weaknesses]
* Goals and motivations: [Describe the character's goals and motivations]
* Relationships with other characters (if applicable): [Describe relationships]

Task Requirements:

1. Develop a rich and multi-dimensional character that is both unique and
2. Ensure the character's background story and motivations align with the
overarching plot or theme of the story.
3. Consider how the character will develop and grow over time, as well as how
they will interact with other characters.
4. Utilize vivid and engaging descriptions to bring the character to life.


Provide a comprehensive character profile that includes all the specified
elements, ensuring that the character is well-developed, engaging, and integral
to the story. Format the content in markdown.
Designing an App for [Theme]Outline the essential design requirements for an app centered around [a specific theme], incorporating unique features such as [a creative idea]. These design requirements should encapsulate the necessary functionalities, user interface considerations, and user experience enhancements needed to create a compelling and intuitive app. Make sure that the app aligns with the desired theme and effectively incorporates the innovative features to deliver a seamless and engaging user experience.
Crafting Personas for a GameI need your assistance in creating three distinct personas for a [theme]-themed game, drawing inspiration from the style and mechanics of [competitor]. These personas should encapsulate the characteristics, preferences, and motivations of potential players, enabling us to better understand their needs and tailor the game experience to resonate with them.
Design User FlowsAssist me in creating a user flow for potential players who are interested in playing a [theme]-themed game designed specifically for individuals embodying [specific persona]. The user flow should outline the logical sequence of actions and interactions that players would undertake, guiding them through the various stages of the game, from initial engagement to achieving key objectives.
Generate a List of CompetitorsI require your assistance in identifying competitors and conducting a comprehensive competitive analysis for an app I am designing to assist users with [specific features/ideas]. Please provide a list of existing apps that offer similar functionalities or target a similar user base. Additionally, perform a detailed analysis of these competitors, including their strengths, weaknesses, unique selling points, and user feedback.
Research Popular Design TrendsAssist me in identifying popular design trends that can be incorporated into my [theme] app, inspired by the success of [competitor]. These design trends should enhance the app's visual appeal, user-friendliness, and overall inviting atmosphere. Please provide insights on design elements, color schemes, typography, and interactive features that can elevate the overall aesthetics and user interface of my app.
Generate Color SchemesI'm in need of a color palette suggestion, complete with color details, for designing a captivating [theme] game app. Please recommend a selection of colors that harmonize with the theme and evoke the desired mood and atmosphere.
App New Feature IdeasCould you please compile a comprehensive list of features for an [category] app, addressing the common user problems typically encountered in this domain? Please provide a detailed breakdown of the key features, functionalities, and capabilities that the app should possess in order to provide a robust and user-friendly solution to the common problems faced by users in the specified category.
User Prompts IdeasPlease generate a list of creative ideas that encourage users to utilize the [specific] feature of our app within the context of a [specific] scene. These ideas should serve as prompts or suggestions to inspire users to engage with the specified feature, enhancing their overall experience and utility of the app.
Landing Page HeadlinesGenerate five compelling ideas for high-conversion headlines and paragraphs that can be used on a landing page targeting the [product segment]. These headline and paragraph combinations should be persuasive, attention-grabbing, and effective in driving conversions.
Crafting UX MessageAs a UX writer, I need your assistance in generating five ideas for [status] messages that can be used in our [category] app. These messages should be concise, informative, and user-friendly, providing relevant updates or notifications to enhance the user experience, ensure clear communication and engagement with app users, keep them informed and satisfied with the app's functionality.
Act as a UI/UX DesignerI want you to act as a UI/UX designer. I will provide you with all the information needed about my UI/UX Design task, and your role is to give me design ideas. You should use your UI/UX, Flow Designer, and conversion optimization expert to solve my problem. Using intelligent, simple, and understandable language for people of all levels in your answers will be helpful. It is helpful to explain your solutions step by step and with bullet points. Try to avoid too many technical details, but use them when necessary. I want you to reply with the UI design ideas and color scheme with color codes based on the type of task, not write any explanations. My first problem is “Design dashboard of an AI Writer App that helps users write creative Facebook, Google, and TikTok ads using text”.
Act as a UX Design ExpertI want you to act as a UX design industry expert with extensive knowledge of User-Centered Design and the ability to create effective UX Personas. I will provide you with information about a specific project and target users, and you will use that information to create a detailed UX Persona that accurately represents the target user. Your persona should include demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. Additionally, you should explain the reasoning behind your choices and how the persona will be used in the design process. My first project is a "mobile app for freelancers and agencies who want to get alerts on their mobile whenever a new job is posted on Upwork"
Act as a Web Designer, ProposalI want you to act as a web designer who will help me decide on a fair price for a website design project and prepare a proposal to send to a potential client. I will provide you with information about the project, including the scope of work and any specific requirements, and you will use that information to determine an appropriate hourly rate and create a detailed proposal outlining the project, cost, and expected timeline. Do not include any personal information or contact details in the proposal. My first project is a simple brochure website for a small business.
Act as a CopywriterI want to act as a writer. I need placeholder text for my design. I request that you refrain from using the commonly used "lorem ipsum" text. The design I have created is geared towards young gamers and features a new game with superhero themes for children aged 12 and above. Could you kindly provide me with 5 headers and 5 descriptions, as well as a brief phrase about my game?


You can prompt Bing with questions like “What are some creative craft projects I could try?” or “Give me some unique arts and crafts ideas” to get suggestions.

Yes, you can prompt Bing to provide detailed, step-by-step instructions to complete a variety of arts and crafts projects.

Certainly, tell Bing you are looking for simple, easy arts and crafts project ideas suitable for beginners and it will suggest options.

Yes, tell Bing the age group you are planning crafts for and it can provide age-appropriate arts and crafts ideas suited for children, teens, adults or seniors.