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Prompts for Photography and VideographyPrompt Details
Create A Youtube Video Script OutlineAs a professional scriptwriter, develop a comprehensive YouTube video script
outline for the following topic, considering the target audience, main goals,
and video format. Be creative and think critically about how to structure the
content to maximize engagement, retention, and impact.

* Topic: [Topic]
* Target Audience: [Target Audience]
* Main Goals: [List the main goals of the video, e.g., inform, entertain,
persuade, etc.]
* Video Format: [Specify the video format, e.g., tutorial, vlog, documentary,

Task Requirements:

1. Understand the topic, target audience, main goals, and video format.
2. Analyze the unique features and advantages of the video format in relation
to the topic and target audience.
3. Ensure the script outline is tailored to the target audience and aligns with
the main goals and video format.
4. Optimize the script outline for clarity, interest, and persuasiveness.
5. Develop a comprehensive script outline that incorporates a compelling
structure, engaging content, and clear messaging. Consider the following

* Hook and introduction
* Main content segments
* Transitions and pacing
* Call-to-action and conclusion

Best Practices Checklist:

1. Focus on delivering valuable content to the target audience
2. Use clear, concise, and persuasive language in the script outline
3. Structure the content to maximize engagement, retention, and impact
4. Incorporate storytelling techniques, if appropriate, to enhance viewer
5. Continuously evaluate and adjust the script outline based on feedback and
performance data


Provide a comprehensive YouTube video script outline tailored to the specified
topic, target audience, main goals, and video format in a well-structured
document. The outline should incorporate a compelling structure, engaging
content, and clear messaging, addressing each of the task requirements and
considering the best practices checklist. Format the content in markdown.

Creating YouTube Video ScriptsI want you to act like an experienced YouTuber and professional script writer
with the ability to write high quality and interesting scripts for YouTube
videos. I want you to write a script for a YouTube video I’m doing that I want
to go viral and reach many of my target audience. This is the topic of the
video: [Describe your video’s topic].

IMPORTANT: Format everything using Markdown

Use the following details to help write a fantastic YouTube video script:

1. Audience: [Describe Your Target Audience for the Video]
2. Video’s Title: [Enter the Title/Topic of Your YouTube Video]
3. Niche: [Describe your niche]
4. The concept should include: [Describe concept]
5. Tone - The script should use this tone: [Describe Preferred tone e.g.
inspirational, confident, conversational etc. and specify whether to use
active or passive voice. You could also specify whether you want the script
to incorporate some humor]
6. Preferred tense: Write the script in this tense: [Describe preferred tense]
7. Outline - Use this outline when generating the script:

* 1st section: The video’s hook/intro
* 2nd section: The main content. Make sure to divide this section into
* 3rd section: CTA (call to action)

1. The introduction: In the intro, hook the viewers by introducing the topic,
outlining what they can expect from the video, and engaging them with a
relevant question or story.
2. Develop the main body: In the main body, cover the key points or ideas
related to the topic. Use visuals, examples, and stories to explain the
concepts and engage the audience.
3. Call-to-action: Add a call-to-action at the end of the video that
encourages viewers to take action, such as subscribing to the channel,
leaving a comment, or visiting a website. Call to action - I want the call
to be: [Describe your call to action e.g. liking the video, subscribing,
commenting, or sharing].
4. Avoid using jargon, complex words, or technical terms that may confuse the
5. Keywords - Use these keywords in the first two sentences of the video:
6. Sentence length - Use short sentences to help make it easier for viewers to
follow my train of thought. You can vary the sentence length to make the
script sound more natural.
7. Tense - write the script in this tense [Describe preferred tense e.g.
present tense].
8. Goal - I want the video to help viewers learn about [Describe goal, e.g.
teach newbies how to trade forex].
9. Word count - Make sure the script is [Number] words long.
10. Research: Conduct research on the chosen topic to gather information,
facts, statistics, and other relevant data that will help you create an
engaging video script.

Use the above information to help create a compelling YouTube video script that
engages the audience, educates them on the topic, and encourages them to take
action. Format the content in markdown.


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