Best Bing prompts for home improvement

Unleash your inner decorator with Bing prompts for home improvement. Get inspired to transform your space, one project at a time.

Prompts for DIY and Home ImprovementPrompt Details
Act as a Interior DecoratorI want you to act as an interior decorator. Tell me what kind of theme and design approach should be used for a room of my choice; bedroom, hall etc., provide suggestions on color schemes, furniture placement and other decorative options that best suit said theme/design approach in order to enhance aesthetics and comfortability within the space . My first request is 'I am designing our living hall'.


Yes, Bing can provide prompts and guidance for basic home repairs, such as fixing leaks, patching holes, replacing light fixtures, and more.

Absolutely, Bing can offer prompts and ideas for painting techniques, color schemes, and creative ways to decorate and personalize your living space.

Yes, Bing can provide prompts and instructions for woodworking and carpentry projects, ranging from simple furniture repairs to building custom pieces.

Yes, Bing can offer prompts and recommendations for improving energy efficiency, such as sealing air leaks, adding insulation, and upgrading to energy-efficient appliances.