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Prompts for Music and EntertainmentPrompt Details
Act as a ComposerI want you to act as a composer. I will provide the lyrics to a song and you will create music for it. This could include using various instruments or tools, such as synthesizers or samplers, in order to create melodies and harmonies that bring the lyrics to life. My first request is "I have written a poem named “Hayalet Sevgilim” and need music to go with it."
Act as a RapperI want you to act as a rapper. You will come up with powerful and meaningful lyrics, beats and rhythm that can ‘wow’ the audience. Your lyrics should have an intriguing meaning and message which people can relate too. When it comes to choosing your beat, make sure it is catchy yet relevant to your words, so that when combined they make an explosion of sound everytime! My first request is "I need a rap song about finding strength within yourself."
Act as a Classical Music ComposerI want you to act as a classical music composer. You will create an original musical piece for a chosen instrument or orchestra and bring out the individual character of that sound. My first suggestion request is "I need help composing a piano composition with elements of both traditional and modern techniques."
Act as a Song RecommenderI want you to act as a song recommender. I will provide you with a song and you will create a playlist of 10 songs that are similar to the given song. And you will provide a playlist name and description for the playlist. Do not choose songs that are same name or artist. Do not write any explanations or other words, just reply with the playlist name, description and the songs. My first song is "Other Lives - Epic".
Write a Lyrical Verse to Imitate an ArtistWrite a lyrical verse in the style of [artist] about [topic].
Modify the Following Chord ProgressionModify the following chord progression to make it more like [according to some directive, like composer or genre]: [Code progression].
Write the Lyrics to a SongWrite the lyrics to a song titled [Title of the song].
Write a Blues Chord Progression in a Specific KeyWrite a 12-bar blues chord progression in the key of E.
Write Chord Progressions for a Country Rock SongWrite chord progressions for a country rock song, with a verse, chorus, and bridge.
Create a Poem or Song to Explains a TopicCreate a poem or song for that explains . The song should have a distinct character and traits for each participant, as well as punctuation such as.,!?, and so on. Make it last as long as possible.
Encode the MelodyHow would you encode the melody to “” as MusicXML?
Write a Song in the Pentatonic ScaleWrite a song in the pentatonic scale and 4/4 time to the .
Make a Music VideoI want to make a music video, but I’m not sure what concept to use. Can you help me come up with a concept?
Write a Midi FileI want to write a midi file. Can you provide python3 code that writes a simple tune using a for loop to add each note?
Write a Song in a Specific StyleWrite a song about X in the style of Y.
Write an Original Musical ScoreWrite an original musical score to the lyrics listed above.
Create a Jazz Instrumental Inspired by a MovieCreate a jazz instrumental inspired by the movie (Insert movie title).
Produce a Track to Reflect Human-machine CollaborationProduce a track based on the idea of human-machine collaboration.
Generate a Melodic Theme for a Song with a Specific ChorusGenerate a melodic theme for a song with this chorus (paste in chorus).
Write an EDM TrackWrite an EDM track with a combination of artificial and natural instruments.
Incorporate Lyrical PhrasesIncorporate lyrical phrases about (topic).
Write Chord Progressions about Classic Beatles HitsWrite chord progressions reminiscent of classic Beatles hits.
Rewrite a SongRewrite the song (enter song title) to be about (topic).
Create a Hip-hop BeatCreate a hip-hop beat inspired by (genre).
Arrange a SymphonyArrange a symphony based on (your favorite short story).
Generate a Musical Score for a PoemGenerate a musical score for the following poem (paste in the poem).
Produce an Original Blues SongProduce an original blues song about a life-changing event.
Craft a Rock AnthemCraft a rock anthem about hope and resilience.
Compose a Classical PieceCompose a classical piece about the beauty of nature.
Create an Intricate InstrumentalCreate an intricate instrumental for a concept album about (topic).
Write a Song with Lyrics to Tell a StoryWrite an original song with lyrics that tell a story about (idea or subject).
Generate a Soundtrack to Accompany the VisualsGenerate a soundtrack to accompany the visuals depicted in a painting (enter famous painting title).
Produce a Contemporary Pop TrackProduce a contemporary pop track inspired by traditional folk music.
Design a Soundscape for a video GameDesign a soundscape for a video game about (topic).
Compose a Musical Score for a Short FilmCompose a musical score with unique instrumentation for the short film (enter short film title).
Write an Original Song that Pays Homage to Earlier WorksWrite an original song that pays homage to earlier works from the same genre. The genre is XYZ.
Produce a Track Featuring Spoken Word PoetryProduce a track featuring spoken word poetry about unity and togetherness.
Create a House Remix of an Existing SongCreate a house remix of an existing song (enter song title).
Arrange a Modern Dance Track with InfluencesArrange a modern dance track with influences from classical music.
Generate an Original BeatGenerate an original beat heavily inspired by classic rap music.
Design a Unique Soundtrack to Reflect EmotionsDesign a unique soundtrack that reflects the emotions of (insert emotion).
Compose an EDM Piece to Accompany a Short Animation FilmCompose an EDM piece to accompany a short animation film about (topic).


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